”Just add a pair of your favourite jeans with sneakers or high heels and you are ready to go.”


vandriest m.o.b. is the new line of designer Hetty van Driest, known for her fashion brands for children: Bengh per principesse and Bor*z.

Van Driest, always attracted by colour, shape and material could not resist to make some styles for women. This time she uses her own name added by m.o.b which means mother of Bengh.  

Beautiful shapes, soft materials in classic colours. A few bright items for your flamboyant mood.
Her dream is to create beautiful things with passion.




vandriest m.o.b
Paletti Collections BV
Cornelis Verolmeweg 9
2171 KV Sassenheim
The Netherlands

Phone (31) 0252 218503